Running QQDownload prefectly under linux

QQDownload(QQ旋风, which means “QQ tornado”) is a download manager and bittorrent client developed by Tencent Holdings Ltd.

Comparing with its main competitor, Xunlei, QQDownload is more easier to handle by wine.

Here is a tutorial for running QQDownload 4.8 Beta using wine:

  1. Create a new 32-bit wineprefix

    export WINEARCH=win32
    export WINEPREFIX=somewhere winetricks

  2. If wine ask you to install gecko and mono plugins, permit it.

  3. Install windowscodecs to your wineprefix using winetricks GUI.
  4. Then install riched20, riched30 and wininet to your wineprefix using winetricks GUI.
  5. Finally you need a Chinese font for all charactors. The fakeChinese in winetricks is a good choice.
  6. Have fun! You may need a desktop launcher.


if you have permission to use the Tencent offline downloading,
such as VIP account or gained LV8 in QQDownload, I recommend you to try out another python script, xfdown.

Xfdown now has a awesome Tui with color support, wow.